07 October 2015

Tantalized in Thessaloniki: The Thessaloniki Cityscape

Remember that back in May, I went to Greece for a conference? I was in Thessaloniki for a couple of days, and I did take an extra day for myself, so that I could explore the city for a bit. So I arrived two days before the conference, and had a full day by myself, exploring the city. As I said before, I had a good impression of Thessaloniki, which was a city full of Byzantine treasures. The people were also friendly and going out and about the city, which somehow didn't suggest that they had a financial crisis at that time. Anyway, this post shows you some of the places I have been to, while the following posts will focus on the major sights that I have seen during that brief stay.

First of all, there is the sea. The Aegean Sea beckons, and Thessaloniki has a great view of it. The seaside road is built alongside the pedestrian strip, and people exercise there by jogging up and down the seashore. It was definitely a great view.

Aristotelous Square is basically the city's front yard. Everything happens here, from tourists taking photos, to hawkers and beggers and pickpockets. But as long as you keep your wits in check, you'll be fine. Admire the fine buildings lining its sides. Rallies and protests have been organized here. Basically, this is a location in Thessaloniki that has great significance.

There are also pretty buildings scattered all over the city. While I am not providing plenty of pictures in this post, I promise that the next one definitely will. These are just the photos that didn't belong to any other set. And over the course of the next blog entries, I will show you how Thessaloniki impressed me. It was definitely a tantalizing city, and a city that is definitely worth a visit.


  1. Interesting. I had no ides what it looked like.

    1. Zhu,

      My next series of posts will give you more pictures about this city!