11 October 2015

Tantalized in Thessaloniki: Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

I only spent a day sight-seeing in Thessaloniki, as the rest of my stay was spent attending the conference that I had a talk in. However, in the single day that I allotted to see things in the city, I definitely have seen a lot. I have shown a few pictures in the previous post, and this time, I am showing pictures I took in perhaps the most interesting museum in the city, the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki.

See, the thing is, I think Thessaloniki is a more interesting city than Athens. Sure, Athens takes the more famous sights, with the Acropolis and all, but Thessaloniki in my opinion definitely has a more colorful history. There are plenty of Byzantine artifacts that are scattered all around the city, for example. And so there are definitely more things than the classical Greek heritage that one typically associates Athens with. Thessaloniki has a dedicated Byzantine Museum, which I will cover in a future post. For this one, I am showing pictures from the Archaeological Museum, covering the Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic and Roman periods.

There are definitely plenty of marble plaques, as well as various artifacts, giving details about the archaeology and history of the region. I am especially impressed at the layout and coverage of this museum, and a visit to this one is definitely recommended.

There is an impressive well-preserved mosaic.

There is also a very comprehensive collection of pottery from various periods.

But the thing I saw the most in here was definitely statues. There are so many samples of classical statues made of marble, depicting gods and goddesses, in various forms. This is perhaps the aspect of the museum that I enjoyed the most.

Greece is definitely a historical destination. Of course, there's the sun and beach, but there's also the historical heritage that awaits every visitor. I suggest sampling some of them when in Thessaloniki.


  1. Ancient Greece Gods and Goddesses are fascinating. Well, the whole mythology is.

    1. Zhu,

      Indeed, I like the fact that these gods make mistakes and have human traits. That's what is fascinating about them in my opinion.