08 November 2015

Leipzig Day Trip: Monument to the Battle of the Nations

Back during my birthday in July, we decided to go to Leipzig on a day trip. It is a simple 2.5 hour train ride to the south, so it's relatively easy. We took the Weekend Ticket which saved us a lot of money given that there were two people traveling. The first thing we visited when we arrived was the Monument to the Battle of the Nations, or the Völkerschlachtdenkmal.

It is one of the largest monuments in Europe, and one of the best examples of Wilhelmine architecture. Though to be honest, when I saw it, it reminded me more of Art Deco designs that were common during the turn of the 20th century.

The exterior shots, which are shown above, make it look like it's a small thing, but believe me, we were quite far when we took that photo, and the monument was definitely big. There were plenty of staircases up there, which obviously we climbed.

There were some designs in there that were rather creepy. Just look at the pillars in the pictures above, composed of a large face and two people standing in front of it. It was quite bizarre if you ask me.

The view above however, is worth it. The staircases are narrow and cramped, but once you get up there, you'll see Leipzig in all its beauty. It was an interesting sight.

This monument commemorates the defeat of Napoleon in Leipzig, back in 1813. Russia, Prussia, Austria, and Sweden were fighting the French forces in October 1813, and the result was that Napoleon was defeated, and sent to Elba. Germany as we know it right now didn't exist back then, but somehow, the Germans decided that they needed a monument for this event, which was built 100 years later.

I would recommend visiting this place. I haven't heard of this event before, but after I visited the monument, then I learned a little bit more about European history.


  1. Super bizarre indeed! The contrast between the weird interior shot and the lovely view is striking. Feels a bit claustrophobic inside...

    1. Zhu,

      Oh yeah, definitely. Even the staircases were claustrophobic. There was a stoplight that would indicate whether you can proceed or not, because there really has no room in there except for one person. I was constantly thinking that no one should slip and roll down the stairs because otherwise that would be a very ugly sight.