04 December 2015

Jehovah's Witnesses in Australia Needs Lawyers and Accountants

Jehovah's Witnesses in Australia are under fire at the moment because of child abuse cases. A Royal Commission has been set up to investigate the cult, and the initial findings have been released a few days ago. You can read more about it here, and I don't want to duplicate that post. However, what I want to do here is to comment on something I saw regarding how the Witnesses have reacted. It seems that they are looking for accountants and lawyers within their midst, as a leaked confidential letter explicitly says. You can find a PDF copy of the letter here, and a scan of the letter is also available in the first link I have above. Anyway, somehow, the most prominent thought I have is that it is quite ironic to see a religious organization who for the longest time discouraged higher education, discouraging its members from going to university, and yet now they are actively seeking people within their midst who belong to professions who actually need higher education.

So I wonder why they need accountants and lawyers? Maybe they are preparing for the lawsuits that child abuse victims would impose on them? Maybe they need to move their money around so that it would be protected against settlements? I find it really pathetic, to see an organization like this explicitly declare what their priorities are. So instead of actually taking care of the child abuse victims, they would rather take care of their assets.

I also find perturbing this letter. It seems that the congregation elders first need to subtly check and investigate potential lawyers and accountants. Instead of asking directly what the accountants' and lawyers' qualifications are, the elders are instructed to do this behind their backs. The elders are also instructed to comment on whether the potential candidate is humble, active spiritually, and so on. It makes your eyebrows raise, when come to think of it, the Witnesses can simply hire a non-Witness accountant or lawyer to protect their assets. But no, it seems they would rather check and see if there is an accountant or lawyer who is brainwashed enough that he or she would simply obey and follow the instructions of this cult without question, for free of course.

Have I made myself explicitly clear how disgusted I am with this cult? To be honest, when I see them here in Berlin, it simply makes my blood boil, knowing that underneath the smiles, underneath the love bombing, there exists a network of brainwashing and mind control, and there are plenty of victims who simply cannot get out because of the immense psychological hurdles that this cult imposes on its victims.


  1. I have very little issue with religion but I'm having a very hard time with cults and proselytism, so no sympathy for the leaders. Yes, brainwashing and mind control... and a cult rules by money.

    (I know some refer to the big religion as "successful cults, I don't see it this way though because of the long history and scholars behind them)

    1. Zhu,

      I am not saying that big religion is right, or better, than cults, but you're right. With cults, there is an added aspect of opaqueness and secrecy. And in this case, just look at the all information that are being deliberately hidden from its members.