12 December 2015

Upcoming Changes?

So I've been here in Berlin for 3 years now. So far so good. But I think it's time to move on.

I have re-entered the job market. The last time I was job hunting was when I was about to graduate from graduate school. Back in early 2012. That was when I got my current job. Now, my current job is good, but I think I can do better. My current job has an end date, and therefore, I have to plan ahead and figure out what I want to do beyond 2016. Hence, since a few months ago, I have been job hunting. Job hunting for something bigger.

I have already sent a bunch of applications. All over the place. I might move back to North America, who knows. In any case, I am open to change. I might stay here in Berlin, I might move somewhere else, I am open to all possibilities. What I know is that there is a big possibility that I will not be in Berlin from 2017 onward. We'll see.

Sometimes I find myself worrying about what might happen. And other times I find myself excited. Excited at a new chapter, a new section of my life. Sometimes I am excited at thinking about the new city I will be living in. And other times I find myself depressed thinking about the fact that I might have to leave Berlin, which is a city that I really love, to tell you the truth.

We'll see. Stay tuned.


  1. I think our discussions inspired my latest article (on which you commented) about finding a good place to live ;-)

    1. Zhu,

      It is a topic that keeps me awake at night sometimes!

  2. Now if you had no choice but to pick one place and live there forever. What would that place be?

    1. Renan,

      I don't even know if I can answer that! Not to mention that it's a moot question, as we don't live forever, but there are just plenty of places around the world that I would like to visit and try living in. It's just hard to find a place to settle down and plant roots and stay there.