08 February 2016

Meandering in Morocco: Chefchaouen

After spending a couple of days in Fes, we moved further north. We took a bus one early morning to arrive in Chefchaouen, a very pretty town in the middle of the Rif Mountains. This town happens to be the last town that my partner and I visited together in Morocco: after this, he would take a bus to go to Casablanca while I would head over to Tangier.

Anyway, after the hustle and bustle of Fes, Chefchaouen was a very welcome respite. It is in the middle of the Rif Mountains, which in my opinion, looked more like the Tuscan countryside, except a little bit drier. This mountain range is very different from the Atlas Mountains, which were higher and more drastic with respect to the terrain. There are more rolling hills and smooth mountains here.

So, why is this town famous? It is because its medina is quite pretty. Everything is blue. It used to be green, apparently, but the color changed sometime a while ago. Plenty of people here speak Spanish, after all, Tangier is close by, and there are plenty of tourists from the Iberian Peninsula who would fly in to Tangier and take the short bus ride to get here.

The best way to enjoy this town is to simply stroll around and check out the narrow alleys that go up and down. It is a medina on a hill, so there are plenty of stairs. But unlike other medinas in Morocco, things aren't too chaotic here, so even if you get lost, it is easy to find your way back.

The next day, we opted to go up to the surrounding mountains and hike. There is a nice lookout where one can see the whole old town, which is what the photos above depict. It really shows how much of a contrast the city has with the surrounding landscape.

So yeah, I think this is one of the places in Morocco that amazed me the most. Of course there are plenty of other places that I liked, but this one is definitely something totally different. Try to visit it if you're in the area.

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