11 March 2016

A Visit to Vilnius: The Grand Courtyard and the Church of St. Johns

The Grand Courtyard is still part of the Vilnius University Courtyards, which I have already started showing in a previous post. However, I reserved these photos because this courtyard is the most grandiose of them all.

The church has a very colorful history, built in the Late Baroque style. The church tower is not attached, but very close by. If you have noticed the interesting name, this is because this church is dedicated to two saints with the same name, John the Baptist and John the Apostle.

The interior is very Gothic, and has plenty of opulent flourish. There is a tomb to Adam Mickiewicz, a poet who has connections to Poland, Lithuania, and Belarus. What I appreciated the most however were the historical exhibits, which allowed me to learn more about the history of the university. Little did I know that there were plenty of power transfers between the Polish and Lithuanian authorities, hence the very interesting history of this university.

If you ever visit, make sure to check out the musty room full of ancient globes. It is quite interesting to see how the ancient world thought our world looked like!