09 March 2016

Genocide, ISIS, and the Witnesses

Back in January, I met up with my parents in New York City. It was an interesting meeting, to say the least. We had dinner. And there were discussions, which at least the way I see it, revealed fundamental moral differences between my parents (who are Jehovah's Witnesses) and me, who isn't. I don't want to blog about the entire evening, but there was one thing which remained in my head which needed some processing. My dad told me that he pities me, for not having the hope of everlasting life, and he hopes that by the time Armageddon comes, I should be already dead. That way, I still have the hope of being resurrected. After all, people who are killed by Armageddon are killed forever, but people who are already dead by the time Armageddon comes still have the hope of being resurrected as they still have one chance to convert and believe in Jehovah before the final test comes. At least that's how the Witnesses see things.

So this got me thinking. And this logic just doesn't make sense. As someone else pointed out to me, in effect the Witnesses would rather have Syrian civilians get murdered by ISIS, than wish that these civilians survive ISIS. Because, if you survive the ISIS regime, and are alive when Armageddon comes, since you're probably a Muslim and therefore not a Witness, you're going to be dead because of Armageddon. However, if ISIS kills you before Armageddon comes because your flavor of Islam is not the same as theirs, then you'll be resurrected and then you'll get the chance to convert from Islam to become a Witness.

How screwed up is that?

See, the Witnesses sincerely believe that the only way to survive Armageddon is by converting and becoming a Witness. I am not going to repeat all the quotes from Witness publications on this blog entry, it's freely available online. In other words, the Witnesses are saying that unless you convert and become one of them, you will be one of the victims of a systematic killing of populations, a systematic slaughter of peoples, simply because they don't believe in Jehovah.

Genocide, in other words.

So next time one of the Witnesses knock on your doors, think for a second what their message really means. Before you agree in studying with them, do some research. See how their doctrines have changed over time. See how doctrines have evolved, which they claim to be evidence that the truth gets brighter and brighter (and note that they allow themselves to use that excuse, yet they deny that same excuse to science and technology). They might be claiming to be beacons of hope, painting current world affairs as very negative and horrific, yet in all truthfulness, they are just a Doomsday cult, advocating genocide to all who refuse to convert and embrace their beliefs.


  1. I had a similar discussion with evangelists... the truth is, I don't care about life after death or whatever. I just don't. I'm not scared of hell, I'm not looking forward for heaven, I just see it as... nothing. Nothingness. And that's it.

    1. Zhu,

      I wish that were easy to say to evangelists, and one would wish that they would then move on and forget about you when you say that. But no, most of the time, they would take pity on you, thinking how pathetic of an individual you are, as you have no hope. That's just so screwed up.