18 May 2016

Bumming Around Bergen: Bryggen

The place that everyone ends up visiting in Bergen is Bryggen. This is the oldest part of the city, and if you see the structures, you'll definitely think that this is from a different era altogether.

Bryggen is Norwegian for "wharf", and it is aptly named so, because this collection of buildings sits right by the harbor. These buildings used to be Hanseatic commercial buildings, from around the 12th century. Definitely, it is very old.

This place is colorful. It definitely is the prettiest part of town. Now it contains several shops, tourist offices, boutiques, and restaurants.

If you look from afar, you would think that there are just rows of colorful buildings. But actually, there are small alleys in between these buildings, because these buildings are actually long and narrow. There is the colorful facade, but there are actually several other buildings behind, all built one behind another. So in order to reach those other buildings, there are these small alleys that one can walk into.

I spent a few moments exploring this area. I had the impression that these were very old yet beautifully restored buildings. I never had an idea what the Hanseatic League was about, until I visited cities like Stralsund and Bergen. It definitely is an interesting piece of history that one can look back to.


  1. Love the contrast with the crisp blue sky.

    I think I read a roman noir taking place there, in Bergen...

    1. Zhu,

      The colors are quite bright and vivid indeed! That's probably the best aspect of it, as the surrounding colors are blue due to the sky and sea.