29 June 2016

Year 12

Wow, I am starting my 12th year of blogging!

I can't believe this blog is still around. I guess I still have things I want to rant about, things I need to get written down, things I want downloaded from my head. So this blog is still up and running.

As I mentioned before, this blog has evolved. I used to write a lot more random things. Nowadays, it's more a photoblog and a rant blog, rolled into one. Nothing much has changed from last year, content-wise. I'm still traveling, I'm still against cults, and I am still writing about traveling and writing against cults.

So what has changed for the past blogging year? Well, I still traveled, that was no change. I visited 5 new countries (Morocco, Lithuania, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Norway), in addition to visiting Hungary, Malta, the USA, Denmark, and France again. I also went to a few places within Germany. Aside from traveling, nothing much has changed. I am still in Berlin. I am still working. We'll see how long that lasts.

So this is the beginning of Year 12. Again, I still don't know how long I'll keep this blog up, but for the moment, it will stay. It's a nice distraction anyway.

So there, onward to Year 12. I hope you'll still hang around.