21 July 2016

Cavorting with the Companion, Vol. 2

I suppose I could call this trip with some adjective or verb that starts with D, after all, this trip was in Denmark. Back in May, my partner and I went for a short trip to Copenhagen. So I could have called this trip Cavorting in Copenhagen. However, the places we visited were not only restricted to Copenhagen, we went to Roskilde as well. So maybe I could have called it Cavorting around Copenhagen instead. But I looked at the last time I used Cavorting with the Companion as a title, and this was back in 2014, when we went to San Marino, Italy, and the United Kingdom. That time was a milestone, that was our first long trip together, spending 17 days on the road in Tuscany, as well as attending a wedding in London. So I figured I'd use the title again, after all, it is again a trip celebrating a milestone. This trip, after all, is the trip when we went to Copenhagen to get married.

It is a short trip, just three nights. That said, it was nevertheless a wonderful one. On May 2, we took a train from Berlin to Hamburg, and from Hamburg to Copenhagen. The trip was 7 hours long, and yes, we could have flown, but taking the train was more interesting, so to speak. The Berlin to Hamburg train was an Intercity, but on the other hand the train heading to Copenhagen was an Intercity Express, and what made it more interesting was that it rode on a ferry. It went all the way to the German seashore, and the rails connected to the belly of a ferry, which then took us to the other side, connecting again to the Danish railway network. The wonders of technology never fails to amaze me sometime.

I also found it interesting that this trip involved a ferry ride. Once we were inside the ferry, we were told that for safety reasons we should exit the train, which we did, and then we went up, and strolled on the deck. One could do duty-free shopping if one wanted, after all, it was an international ferry ride between two countries!

Anyway, by mid-afternoon we arrived in Copenhagen, and we went and walked to our hotel. Normally we stay in budget digs, but heck, we were getting married, so we splurged a little bit this time and got a room in a boutique hotel this time. That was fancy, and to be honest, it was the first time I found myself liking the bath products the hotel provided, to the point that we almost considered buying some (yes, the hotel sells their bath products).

After finding our hotel, we walked all over the place. I took photos, but later on I realized that I haven't used my camera as much as I used to in this trip. Maybe because there's a part of me that wants to make this trip private. Maybe because there's a part of me that wants to just be there and experience the city, instead of photographing the city. Maybe because this isn't the first time I was in Copenhagen: I have been to the Danish capital exactly 8 years ago, and so I have already seen plenty of its sights. So instead of being eager to take my camera out and shoot photos, I was just content to stroll around and revisit previous places I have been before.

Take for example Assistens KirkegÄrd, a large cemetery where some famous Danish people are buried. I have been there before, and took photos of the place before. Now I was content with simply walking around in the midst of the dead people and their tombstones.

The next day, we had to go to the City Hall for some paperwork. After that was done, we headed to Roskilde for a day trip. It's a town just outside Copenhagen, and easily reachable by the train. We spent the day there, checking out the Roskilde Domkirke, as well as the Viking Ship Museum.

On May 4, we had a chill morning, when we had a lazy brunch. After brunch, we went to the City Hall again, this time, to get married. I am not blogging about the details of the wedding, nor am I posting photos. If I thought I wanted to share the details to you, then you probably have already gotten it.

The day after, we checked out, and after leaving our luggage in the hotel, we checked some interesting places in the city. We went to the Cisterns, which is an underground exhibition area, and we also checked the Royal Kitchen in one of the Danish palaces. After strolling around, exploring several of Copenhagen's neighborhoods, we went to the airport, and took a quick flight back home.

This trip featured a lot of eating. I am a big fan of Danish gastronomy. These guys know how to do modern European cooking. We went to a few restaurants that had very interesting concepts, and while it's not cheap, when you're getting married, sometimes treating yourself to a tasting menu is an experience one would remember.

I have some photo sets, which would definitely follow. It's not a lot, but nevertheless I'll post it in the next few entries.


  1. Congratulations! Yes, splurge since it's not everyday one gets married :)

    I've never been to Copenhagen yet, let alone Denmark. A stopover in Kastrup is not included. We are planning to take a long weekend and visit that fabulous city :)

    1. Charles,

      Indeed, getting married is a good excuse to splurge! :)

      Oh Copenhagen is lovely. If you love shopping, then it's the right place to go!