13 July 2016

Dawdling in Dresden: The Neues Grünes Gewölbe in Dresden Castle

Dresden is about opulence. This is evident in the Old Town. If you visit the Zwinger Museums, as well as the Residenzschloss, then you will see the cultural treasures that are housed in these institutions. As Dresden was the seat of power of the Saxon royalty, then there are plenty of treasures here in the city, waiting for visitors to admire. To be honest, however, some of these made me scratch my head, as viewing these treasures make me think how different the life of a royalty must be, of which I find hard to relate.

Anyway, the Dresden Castle contains several museums, all managed by the Dresden State Art Collections. I have blogged about the Turkish Chamber before, and this time I am blogging about the New Green Vault, or the Neues Grünes Gewölbe. There is another vault, the Historical Green Vault, but that has a separate ticket, and we thought we'd just fatigue ourselves looking at treasures so we thought that one vault is enough.

There's plenty to see here. There's little statues with mother of pearl and precious stones. There are miniature sculptures, like a cherry stone where hundreds of faces are carved. There's pieces of pearl and ivory, and other glittering objects. Overall, sometimes it made me feel how remote the lives of the Baroque Saxon royalty are, as they have so much money they can afford to amass this wealth in this form. I suppose this is how it feels like to be born with a golden spoon.

Anyway, that was the last thing we saw in the Dresden Castle. There's one other thing we visited in the city, before we left and went back to Berlin. Stay tuned.


  1. It's amazing how much was preserved and saved in Europe when you consider there were two world war just in the last century... and thousands of battles as well.

    1. Zhu,

      I think it's just a combination of the desire to preserve and the lack of urge to revise history. If you look at other cultures that don't have that, then you either see countries that revise the history and therefore do not preserve relics that do not agree with the current status quo, or countries that just want to modernize and bulldoze ancient and historical sights.