01 July 2016

Dawdling in Dresden: The Zwinger Rooftop Promenade

I promise that this would be my last Zwinger post. We also visited the Gallery of Old Masters, but since I am more a fan of modern art, I wasn't too impressed with the paintings they showed. Anyway, I also wanted to visit the rooftop promenade, which is freely accessible. Just simply climb up the staircase and you can easily have a panoramic view of the whole palace.

The shots above show you what the promenade looks like. It's the only free section of the Zwinger: yes, you don't need a ticket to enjoy the views. But if you want to visit the collections and look at mathematical instruments or porcelain, then you have to buy a ticket.

Unfortunately, we went during the late afternoon, and the sun was particularly strong, and therefore the photos I have above have very contrasting shadows. It's not the best shot, unfortunately. Anyway, I hope I could still convey how majestic this place is. A lot of these structures were ruined during the carpet bombing that happened in 1945, but it was reconstructed during the 1960s.

Even if you're not a fan of royal museums, I suggest visiting the rooftop promenade, because really, the views are great. And it's something free to do.


  1. I agree, based on your picture, the promenade (eh, a French word!) is worth it.

    1. Zhu,

      Haha, thanks to Guillaume, plenty of French words entered the English lexicon!