15 July 2016

Things I Love in Berlin: Thaiwiese im Preußenpark

Whenever I talk about Berlin here in my blog, most of the time I complain about how sometimes it makes me feel a little bit too old. Yes, Berlin is ever-changing, and the Berlin I saw when I arrived 4 years ago is different from the Berlin of today. Sometimes, it's just hard to keep up! Nevertheless, there are still things this city offers which makes me love my time here. One of them is the Thai park which is just close by where we live.

The Thai picnic is simply amazing. It's semi-illegal, after all, these are folks who simply spread their wares, and cook on a public park, and they sell what they're cooking. No permits, whatsoever. No sanitary checks, I would guess. But truth be told, it's some of the best Thai street food I have encountered.

Every now and then, we would be hungry during the weekend, and we'd simply walk to Preußenpark. We'd do a quick survey of what's cooking, and after selecting, we'd have a quick snack. Most of the goodies are really cheap, and if you're really hungry, something within 10 EUR would definitely fill you up here.

So maybe Berlin makes me feel old every now and then, but honestly, there are things like this event that makes me appreciate the multi-cultural and international flavor of this city. I'd definitely take this city over something more homogeneous.


  1. That's awesome! I wouldn't have imagined Berlin had a Thai population. It reminds me of the Filipino picnics in HK, same spirit, all the food displayed on the ground, amazing and colourful food.

    1. Zhu,

      I heard of the Filipino picnic in Hong Kong! I heard that those happen regularly during their weekend or day-off, and they simply gather together in a public park socializing with each other.

      Berlin has a relatively large Thai population, although it's the Vietnamese that really takes the large share of the pie, large enough that there are plenty of Vietnamese restaurants, and if you want to have good Vietnamese food, you really have to discriminate and know which one is good from not so good.