02 August 2016

Cavorting with the Companion, Vol. 2: The Cisternerne

We wanted to go check out something different. So instead of going to the Danish palaces, we checked out an out of the way attraction in Copenhagen. We went to the Cisterns. So during our last day, after checking out of the hotel and leaving our luggage for the day, we walked west and went to the Cisternerne.

This is an artificial attraction, in the sense that it used to be part of the city's water supply. There used to be a reservoir here, filled with water. Now, that is not the case anymore, and they covered the reservoir, and converted the ground into a park overlooking the palace. But nevertheless, underneath the park is this exhibition space, which is now used as a modern art gallery. There are light and sound exhibits when we visited.

The above are just some shots I took while underneath. It's a quirky place, possibly not in every visitor's list of things to check out in Copenhagen. Nevertheless, I think it is an interesting thing to visit, especially if you're looking for something different to do. Of course, there's also eating, after all, Copenhagen features quite an interesting food scene, but you'll probably have to go to Yelp for my thoughts about that.

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