30 August 2016

Navigating through Normandy: Mont Saint-Michel (Interior)

As I said in my previous post, I took plenty of photos while visiting Mont Saint-Michel, so I decided to split my photos into exterior and interior shots. These are the photos that I took inside.

Perhaps the most impressive interior space is the cloister. This is set up in a very high location of the building, and the windows surrounding it provide a very fascinating view of the surrounding sea. It can be peaceful here, as evidenced by the fleeting moments of silence whenever the tour groups move on to the next building, and the next batch of visitors haven't entered yet. I can only imagine how this place could provide solitude to the religious folks who resided in this place before.

This abbey has plenty of spaces dedicated to the religious cause. Of course, there is the church. It is if I recall correctly, the largest room in the whole complex. It is like any other church, with tall vaults and large windows.

I guess what I find more impressive is the architecture. I am not too into religion, but that doesn't prevent me from being able to admire the architecture of the places that are related to religion. In this abbey, there are plenty of pillars, supporting the whole structure. There are fat ones as well as tall thin ones.

The self-guided tour of the abbey interior also allows you to visit the living quarters, as well as other rooms that are not as impressive as the large rooms. After all, this was a complete self-contained religious compound, so there were plenty of things to see. If you are interested in Carolingian architecture then this is definitely a place to see.

So this concludes my visit to Normandy. After checking out Mont Saint-Michel, we took the train back to Paris. There is still one more thing I would like to blog about, but this is a place in Paris, something we decided to visit, by waiting 3 hours in a line. Stay tuned.

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