20 August 2016

Things I Love in Berlin: Rare Ethnic Restaurants

When I was living in Buffalo, I used to like the fact that there was a lot of culinary diversity, much more than the regular mid-sized American city. I remember fondly going to Ethiopian and Burmese restaurants, which were more or less the most exotic choices Buffalo had, back when I was living there. So whenever I went out of Buffalo, I made it a point to try to go to other exotic restaurants, simply because there isn't a chance to do so at home.

Now I live in Berlin, and I should say that the choices here are on a totally different league. Take for example the restaurant we went to the other evening. We went to an Abkhaz restaurant. So, who here knows where Abkhazia is, without googling it?

Of course, there are the usual suspects. We have good restaurants featuring almost all of the ethnic cuisines out there (though I still have to find a good Mexican restaurant in Berlin). But what I am more amazed of with Berlin's choices is that one can find rather rare cuisines as well. Like my favorite Nigerian restaurant in Tiergarten. Or like this Jamaican restaurant I tried in Charlottenburg. Or the restaurant that offers not the typical Chinese cuisine, but Lanzhou cuisine, in particular, also in Charlottenburg. It is these places that make me think that Berlin's offerings of ethnic restaurants are on a totally different dimension.

So yeah, in case you're in town, and curious, try visiting the Abkhaz restaurant in Charlottenburg. It's more than just dinner, it's a full cultural experience.

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