01 October 2016

Sauntering in Slovenia: Predjama Castle

After spending three nights in the Bled area, it was time for us to move again. This time, we had booked an apartment in Ajdovščina, a town in the Vipava Valley. While it isn't a touristy town, it is central enough that it was a good hub to explore nearby places, especially when you have a car. So that's exactly what we did. When we drove from Bled to Ajdovščina, we passed by Predjama Castle, which was perhaps one of the most dramatic sights I have seen in the country.

Predjama Castle is a castle built into a cave. In fact, in Slovenian, the castle's name means "in front of the cave". This is a Renaissance castle, and historical accounts first mention this back in 1274.

The pictures I have above show how dramatic the setting is. We didn't see the castle until we came out of our car at the parking lot. It really is arresting, and worth some photos.

The architectural feature of this castle is that it incorporates natural cave features into its design and layout. There were man-made and natural walls. It wasn't the warmest place, and I could only imagine how cold this castle could get in the middle of winter. The photos I have above show you how the construction of this castle incorporated several natural cave features.

This castle is perhaps famous for Erazem Lueger, a 15th century knight who was some sort of Robin Hood. Apparently, he was against the Habsburgs, whose soldiers were laying siege on this castle. However, the soldiers didn't know that there are secret passages in the castle, allowing Lueger to exit the castle, as well as bring in fresh supplies. He was said to provoke the soldiers by throwing out fresh fruit from the balconies. It was also said that he died when he was in the toilet, which happened to be the weakest part of the castle.

Anyway, legends aside, this is an interesting place, and is definitely worth a visit. If you have a car, definitely take the time to check this out. There also is a free shuttle bus running between Postojna (a town) and this castle so that even if you don't have your own transportation you could definitely check this place out. It is after all very recommended.


  1. The first couple of pictures are amazing. What a setting!