06 December 2016

A Cocktail of Coins

We took a trip to Poznan recently. It was a short trip, just for the weekend, but nevertheless I'll blog about it later. Anyway, since this was Poland, it wasn't part of the Eurozone. Hence, when I was packing, I had to dig up my basket of coins which I have collected while traveling, to see whether I still had Polish zloty with me. I've been to Poland a couple of times before, so I am sure I still have a few remaining with me, and it would be great to be able to use them instead of them simply sitting in my cabinet.

It turns out I still had 79.42 PLN, or roughly 17 EUR.

As I was rummaging through my foreign currency bag, I had memories of previous trips. After all, I still have some Iranian rials, Guatemalan quetzales, Danish kroner, Bosnian convertible marks, Armenian dram, Croatian kuna, Myanma kyat, Chilean pesos, Moroccan dirham, and Thai baht. Sometimes I am not too successful in getting rid of local currency when I leave a country, so I still have a few coins and small bills remaining. So they sit in my cabinet, until perhaps I get to use them again, if there's a chance to revisit a country I have been to before.

It's interesting how random objects bring back memories. These trips are a few years old, yet seeing coins from that trip brings back memories of the adventure and the good times one has experienced when one was on site. Even random thoughts like the experience of sitting at the passenger side of a taxi can come back. All because you've seen again how a coin from one country looks like.


  1. Feng made some really nice artwork with banknotes we collected from various countries around the world. I should do something with my loose change too...

    1. Zhu,

      That's actually a good idea!

      I once counted all of my remaining foreign currency and tried converting it to EUR just to see how much everything was, and it turned out it was quite significant, enough for a weekend night out!