26 December 2016

Improvisational Theatre

Usually I post here about plays or musical events that I have attended lately. However, I recently discovered improvisational theatre. My significant other does it regularly, and I have seen a couple of shows so far. Based on what I have seen, I like it. It's a different type of art form, and something that I seem to enjoy as well.

See, in improv theatre, nothing is scripted. Every story line is created on the fly. And what I like about it is that the group actually takes inspiration from the audience. For example, the audience gives words beginning with a certain letter, and the words that are given are the inspiration of the group, who then uses these words to weave a constantly evolving story.

There are shortform and longform varieties: the shortform consists of several different vignettes inspired by audience suggestions. Longform on the other hand is a single story, composed of multiple different scenes that are inter-related. The audience also participates here, in the sense that they provide various points of inspiration.

The thing I like is that the actors are good in the sense that you can sometimes see how they take the audience idea and spin it, really impressing the fact that everything is spontaneous. So here, unlike in traditional theatre, what I find profound is not the story but more the art itself. So yeah, try seeing improv theatre sometime, it is hilarious, and is definitely fun.

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