22 December 2016

Really, What Next?

Back in mid-January, I wondered about the future of this blog. I was wondering whether I should continue blogging, or whether I should stop. At that time, the question was open, and I guess even now, 12 months later, the question still is. Though it is clear that the blog has undergone some evolution of some sort.

See, there is still the desire to write things down. But there is also a strong desire to make things private. I suppose after I stopped being on Facebook, I have changed the way I interacted with my friends. Instead of simply posting things to the void, I actually write emails, make phone calls, talk to them on Skype, and meet in real time. And since I tend to be very protective about the things I want to share and the things I don't want to share, then I share my private and personal things to my friends in an intimate manner, and what remains gets shared in this blog. Or in Twitter. So the question, then, is, what else should I write about?

I write about my travels. I think that's not going to change any time soon. I post pictures of my travels. Sometimes I rant. Sometimes I just write about random thoughts in my head. But I guess I won't make public big life changes here. Or if I do mention it, it would be way after the fact, if anything.

Right now, I still have things I want to write about. But maybe I need to slow down publishing, and not publish every other day, because I might not have something to rant about. I don't want to rant just for the sake of ranting.

So yeah, this will be a travelogue. And the occasional rant. I am not a travel blogger, however, so I won't be writing travel advice columns. But in case you need one, feel free to ask.

The interesting thing is that I am not too much a camera freak like I used to. Take my recent jaunt to Poznan for example. I spent a weekend there, yet I think I enjoyed more the walking around the Old Town, and seeking shelter in a random museum because it rained, that kind of thing. I did take some photos, but compared to previous years, I took way less photos than how much I took this time. Sometimes, it's just more fun to stroll around and wander, just letting it be.


  1. I constantly wonder about the future of my blog as well, mostly because of the technical challenges, including hosting like I recently mentioned. But overall, I think it's a positive activity that I enjoyed and made me a better person (and helped me improve a few skills).

    I wouldn't set the blog private though because you never know, you may meet new interesting people. Just a thought.

    1. Zhu,

      I know exactly what you mean! After all, that's how I met our common friend Priyank, from Toronto, as we were also reading each other's blogs as well. Now he's one of my closest friends. :)