18 February 2017

Impressions and Images of Iran: Khāneh-ye Larihā (Lari House) in Yazd

Kashan might have the lion's share of fantastic Persian traditional houses, but Yazd also has some buildings that are worth a look. Yazd doesn't have big-ticket attractions unlike Isfahan, but nevertheless its desert location makes it an interesting setting to see how humans have adapted to the requirements of their surroundings.

The Lari House is rather camouflaged, it is a little hard to find it among the other buildings in the Old City, given that every building looks the same. But it is a small treasure, and once you enter, you see a traditional house with all the features of the traditional houses I have seen in Kashan, but in a smaller scale and a desert setting.

You see the windcatchers. You see the stained glass windows. You see the pool in the middle of the courtyard. You see the Persian table. You see the palm-shaped nakhl. You see the symmetrical layout of the rooms. The rooms are a little low key, and not really eye-catching unlike in Kashan, but nevertheless I didn't expect much given the relative remoteness of the city.

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