24 February 2017

The Truth about The Truth: "No Part of the World?" Not Quite!

One of the key doctrines of Jehovah's Witnesses is that followers of Jehovah should be "no part of the world". This means that Witnesses do not vote, they do not salute the flag, they do not sing the national anthem, and so forth. They think that they are politically neutral, because they claim that they follow Jesus, and Jesus said that his kingdom is not a part of this world. But if you examine things carefully, the Witnesses aren't quite neutral.

See, check this news article that was published in a Filipino newspaper recently. Apparently, Witnesses in the Philippines are *gasp* using diplomatic channels to counter the effects of the Russian government. They are asking the Filipino foreign ministry to intervene on their behalf so that the Filipino Witnesses in Russia won't be deported. Now this is an interesting case.

Whatever happened to being not a part of the world? You cannot have your cake and eat it too. If you are not a part of the world, then why would you use the world's political channels to achieve your aims? Or maybe the organization is just like any other human institution, one that is opportunistic, one that will use any mechanism and method that is available to pursue one's goals?

This reminds me of a conversation I had with my parents a while back. When I told them that I have already been planning to leave the Witnesses a while ago, they then asked me why I even used the help of Witnesses when I needed help. One particular instance was when I was moving from Manila to Buffalo: through a friend of a friend of my parents, someone who I didn't know actually picked me up from Buffalo Niagara International Airport and delivered me to my on-campus apartment. That was the only time I saw that lady. And I never saw her again. My parents told me that I shouldn't have used her help if I was already planning to leave the organization.

Well guess what? I am selfish, as you are. And I needed some transportation, as people sometimes do. So if a Witness offers to take me, why would I refuse? Because for me it doesn't matter if the person driving the car was a Witness or a Muslim or an atheist. All I need was someone to take me somewhere. It is not a religious issue.

But when you say that your belief requires you to be no part of the world, then by all means follow that. If not, then you're a hypocrite. You say one thing but act another. If you are not a part of the world, then don't use the world's resources to protect your butt.

If you want more examples of how the Witnesses were not quite apart from the world, then just look up the time when they actually were members of the United Nations! And here they were saying that the United Nations was the mega-enemy of Jehovah's people! Yet for a while they were a card-carrying member of the UN!

Finally, this has a personal bent for me. For years, my father has worked for the Philippine Foreign Ministry as a high-ranking career diplomat. For his whole career, he was a diplomat for Satan the Devil himself, according to his beliefs. So how again is he no part of the world?

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