08 February 2017

The Truth about The Truth: Stephanie Fessler and Jehovah's Witnesses

There is an upcoming trial regarding a child abuse case within the midst of the Jehovah's Witness cult. This case is about Stephanie Fessler, who was a victim of child abuse when she was a member of the cult, where the Elders did nothing to protect her. She is now suing the cult: a full copy of the lawsuit can be found here, and you can read the news report here.

The interesting thing is that the cult offered Fessler 100,000 USD as a settlement. In essence, the Jehovah's Witness cult wanted her to shut up.

Here's the disturbing thing: the Jehovah's Witnesses have an image of being a family-friendly religion, as they are regularly seen in public places, either knocking on doors, or standing next to literature carts, offering a message from the Bible. But the reality is that they are a dangerous cult, who would go to extreme measures to silence victims, opting instead to protect their organization.

It would be interesting to see how this case continues. Note, that it is not a unique case, there are many other victims of sexual abuse within the Jehovah's Witness cult, who have recently come out and exposed the cult for what it really is. Just Google "Candace Conti" as well as "Gonzalo Campos" and you'll see what these high profile cases are about.

Of course, you won't read any of these in any of the publications the Jehovah's Witnesses publish. They want you to believe after all, that they are the one and only true religion. But in reality, their track record has more blemishes than you would expect.

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