02 July 2017

Year 13

Wow, I am starting my 13th year of blogging!

We're still around, eh? As much as I have many things I have privatized and moved to other venues, there are still things I regularly talk about. Half of the time, I am posting pictures of travels I have done recently, and the other half of the time I am either talking about travel, books, music, or theatre, which are the things I feel most interested in. Oh, and there's also the random rant against religion and novice travelers. This pattern will go on for a while, I guess.

Speaking of repeating patterns, I still traveled. I visited 2 new countries (Slovenia and Iran), in addition to visiting Spain, Poland, the USA, Hungary, Norway, and Belgium again. And as before, I also went to a few places within Germany. And yes, I am still in Berlin, and it seems that I am planting roots.

So this is the beginning of Year 13. Again, I still don't know how long I'll keep this blog up, but for the moment, it will stay. It's a nice distraction anyway.

So there, onward to Year 13. I hope you'll still hang around.


  1. I'm reading this with one eye on the tags, in the column on the left. All these country names... that's one hell of a travel book you're writing!

    1. Zhu,

      I definitely wonder what this list of country names would look like in a few decades: it has grown like that after 12 years of blogging, so I wonder how long the list would be after another 12 years!

  2. I've been blogging for 12 years. Reading my old posts, sometimes I feel humilated by myself. i think I was silly and stupid for writing those things.but then again, it is like self reflection. Have another 12 beautiful years (of blogging) ahead...and hopefully more!

    1. Ceritasikiky,

      Yeah, sometimes I go back to my previous posts from 2005, and think, that I wrote crap. Like, why the heck did I even think that these topics were interesting?!