05 August 2017

Berlin Boogie: Modellpark Berlin-Brandenburg

Sometimes it just is interesting to do something different. So one weekend, I went all the way to the deep eastern sectors of Berlin, in order to visit the Modellpark Berlin-Brandenburg. This small park is located in Wuhlheide, a green and recreation area. It is popular with cyclists, as well as with children, and to some extent, to geeks like me who want to feel like a giant every now and then.

See, this park contains very detailed models of various buildings in and around Berlin. It was very fascinating to see the Berlin landmarks in a different scale. So I spent a few hours checking them out.

That's the Jewish Museum.

This one on the other hand is the Staatstheater in Cottbus. I actually haven't been there yet.

A couple of buildings near Frankfurter Tor. This is the part of Berlin that looks very Soviet.

Brandenburg Gate, without the crowds.

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. The real thing is actually very near to where I live.

The Reichstag is also represented here. If you visit the real building, be sure to climb up to the dome.

The amazing Pergamon Museum.

They also have replicas of buildings from Köpenick, which is an area in the southeast of the city, that does not look like Berlin at all, even though it is well within the city limits.

And here are several other buildings from all over the city, except that I don't exactly know some of them by name. There's the citadel in the northwest in Spandau, as well as the planetarium in Prenzlauer Berg, among other things. It was definitely fun looking at them from a different perspective.

The Modellpark isn't one of Berlin's top places to see, but if you have a child, or you're just a geek who are curious in these little things, then it is worth exploring for a couple of hours during the weekend.

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