31 August 2017

My Creepy iPhone

So, as part of the perks of my new job, I got a company phone. It happens to be a brand new iPhone 7. Until now I haven't been an Apple product user, so this was something new to me. And with a new gadget comes a new learning curve.

I made it a point to keep it as a professional work phone. So I don't share my number to any of my personal contacts. I also don't use it for personal purposes. However, there are nevertheless things that I find convenient to do using my company phone, such as its wonderful mapping systems. And this is where it gets creepy.

See, just after a few days of use, it more or less figured out where I live. It predicts that during a certain time of the day, I am in one location, and in another time of the day, I am in another location. That was rather creepy in my opinion, but hey, I guess this is where technology advances. However, with these technological advances come the challenges from various domains, including its legal aspects.

I remember this case about a journalist who was sent a tweet featuring strobe lights. The journalist happens to be epileptic, and so the authorities charged the person who sent the tweet with attempted murder. Yes, with technological advances, the ways one can harm another can also be sophisticated. And sometimes when you see the technology behind these things, it just makes you wonder.

Anyway, I don't think my iPhone will be used as a weapon, but nevertheless, it surprises me every now and then. I don't use it to its full potential, of course, since it is just a company phone, but it definitely provides some perspective on the available technologies out there. After all, I am considering replacing my old phone with a new one. I am just not sure whether it would be an iPhone or not.


  1. Eek, it is creepy. I find location options super intrusive :-/ I don't use my phone much and I try to make sure I can't be an open book for phone providers and users, but who knows how effective my attempts are...

    1. Zhu,

      I know what you mean. When I was setting up, there were always these little questions asking me whether I would allow this or that, and of course no one can correctly extrapolate what one's answers to these questions actually mean in the future. And yes, you can then later turn it off, but figuring out how to turn things off can also be a challenge.