28 October 2017

Berlin Boogie: Villa Borsig

During the Open House of the German federal government, I went to the northern area of Berlin, in Tegel. This is where Tegel Airport is located, as well as the Academy and Guest House of the German Foreign Ministry. The Guest House is the Villa Borsig, a mansion that is located in a 12-hectare plot of land, and used to belong to the Borsig family. Now, it is used as a guest house for visiting dignitaries. It is typically closed to the public, but it was open during the weekend, and so I took the chance to visit it.

The property has a great location: it has its own access to Tegel Lake, and there are plenty of greenery around. Aside from the villa, there are also other buildings on the property, mostly for the academy of the Foreign Office.

Visitors could do a self-guided tour of the interior. I must say that the decorations are slightly dated, and the furniture looks like it came from the 1960s. It would definitely not be the style of my house. Nevertheless, it looked comfortable, with a large library, a massive dining room, conference rooms, and a wing that definitely looks more like a hotel than a regular house. I suppose politicians don't do regular houses anyway.

I must say that I definitely enjoy these events where typically closed structures are opened up for the general public. Hopefully they do this again next year.


  1. Not my style either, and I agree : looks like a hotel!

    It's always fun to visit places usually close to public. This is how a democracy should work too.

    1. Zhu,

      I suppose it is indeed some sort of hotel, after all, the purpose is the same! And yes, this is indeed something I like about democracy - things that are typically off limits get opened to the general public, after all, the public has elected these officials to do these jobs, so it would be nice to get to see what's happening.