08 October 2017

Frolicking in Flanders: D.ART in Mechelen

When I visited Mechelen, an art festival was happening. It was the D.ART Festival, where several galleries in the city open their doors to exhibit new works of various different artists. The whole series of events is free, and it was an interesting opportunity for me to see what the artists in the city were up to.

It was free entry, so when I saw something rather eye-catching on the glass window, I decided to check it out. I saw this Volkswagen Beetle that was cut, and inserted through a wall. I am not sure how it is art, and unfortunately there was no English explanation, but just looking at the exhibits was interesting already. The pictures I have above show you how weird these pieces sometimes are.

Anyway, apparently it is the 8th year the city has been doing this. So yeah, this just makes me think that Mechelen is an underrated city. It is small, not a lot of people visit, but frankly speaking, there's quite a few interesting things to do.


  1. Looks like modern art but the kind where some effort has actually been put in (instead of just, you know, white canvas framed...)

    1. Zhu,

      Ah yes, I know what you mean. Sometimes I see "art" where I immediately think that I could also easily do something like that, and I wonder what the point of the whole thing was.