23 November 2017

Things I Love in Berlin: Tag des offenen Denkmals

Back in September, several monuments and cultural institutions opened their doors to the public. The Day of Open Monuments is an initiative in Germany as part of European Heritage Days, which is in turn an initiative of the Council of Europe and the European Commission. Several countries hold such events once a year, as a way of spreading cultural knowledge to the public. And of course, I also planned my day trying to visit buildings that are typically closed but were open during this time.

I already blogged about the buildings I have visited during this period, but I must say I nevertheless liked this idea. In fact, it might be interesting to plan a visit to a foreign country during this time so that one can also see the interesting sights that would open only during this time. And as always, I like the fact that such initiatives exist, as it suggests a high standard of living, having the resources that allow to address cultural issues. Other countries would probably have more pressing priorities than culture.

I am definitely looking forward to next year, as events like these allow me to get to know my adopted city better, and I do like the fact that even though I have been here in Berlin for 5 years already, there are still new things I keep on discovering every time.

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