21 December 2017

Reddit Travel Rants, No. 10: The Search for Free Food

The other day I saw a rather bizarre question being asked in the Reddit travel forum. Some user was wondering whether he would get free food in the airports during a layover. This person was flying from the USA to Asia, transiting in airports in Europe, and was wondering whether he would get free food in transit. So I thought, which rock has this person been living under for the longest time?

Of course, plenty of people commented saying that is not the case. I mean, airports function essentially similar as bus stations and train stations. Travelers arrive, travelers depart, and travelers change their vehicles. There aren't any free food given to passengers. So I am scratching my head trying to figure out where did this user get this bizarre idea from.

So the user responded, after several people answered saying you won't get free food. He remarked, "Not even snacks?"

Wow, some wannabe travelers can be so naive.


  1. I laughed. Free food in airports... yeah. Try overpriced snacks instead!

    Although I guess you could have free food with an airline voucher. We have a few from Air Canada because our flights were often late (yes, plural).

    1. Zhu,

      Ah yes, they are definitely overpriced. And the more annoying thing is that sometimes security procedures make it such that you have no alternative option but to buy it.