30 January 2018

Missing Snow?

It's the middle of winter here in Berlin. However, we don't have a lot of snow. So that during the days that it actually snows, it is rather exciting. Of course, after a few hours it would melt, but nevertheless it is an exciting sight to see the white flakes falling down.

Funny thing though, I used to not think this way. I lived for 7 years in Buffalo, where winters were harsh and long. I remember very cold days of -20 degrees Celsius, and the snow is piled high everywhere. I had a shovel that I used during the winter in order to clear the snow from my driveway. The piles could be as high as my waist. And that I definitely do not miss.

So during the times that it actually snows here in Berlin, it can be exciting. Because you know that it's nothing, compared to what I experienced in Buffalo. One night, back in December, it actually snowed a bit, and it was so pretty that I even decided to take a walk in the midst of it, in the middle of the night. Of course, by next morning, everything melted.

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