16 January 2018

Spain 3.0: Camp Nou

I am not a football fan. I don't really follow the games, whether it's the World Cup or professional teams. However, as I was in Barcelona, and I wanted to figure out what makes people from this city tick, I opted to visit Camp Nou, the home turf of FC Barcelona. I don't follow football, but I definitely know that this team is quite famous.

Camp Nou is the largest stadium not only in Spain, but in Europe as a whole. The stadium is a pilgrimage site, for FC Barcelona fans. In fact, when I was there, it was quite an interesting experience for me, given that I am not a fan. I bought a ticket online, and selected a time slot for when they open. Even before the place was open, there were already several people lining up to enter, and a lot of them were even wearing FC Barcelona attire.

The first thing visitors would see upon entering is the museum. Of course there are also these photo opportunities involving you and a green screen, but if you don't want that, then just take the photo and forget about it. The museum actually was very interesting for me, since it gave the history of the club. I didn't realise that the club was actually more than just a football club. There are other sports teams under the same umbrella.

Then you can explore the stadium, from various levels. The stadium has a capacity of 99,354. The grass is quite green, and if you want, you can even buy some grass from the souvenir shop later.

There are also other areas of the stadium that you can visit. The photos above show you the area where the team conducts press releases.

You can even check out their lockers and dressing rooms, as well as jacuzzis and shower rooms. Unfortunately, there weren't any team members who are actually dressing up or changing or showering. That would have been more interesting. Oh well.

Aside from that, there is a chapel, and I also checked out the area where the journalists are. It is actually at the very top of the stadium, with a very wide view of what is happening downstairs.

Anyway, after spending two hours in this stadium, it was take to move on. I slowly found my way to the exit, and headed somewhere else. Overall, however, it was fun, and as I wanted to check out something different, this definitely provided a change.

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