24 January 2018

Spain 3.0: Museu Marítim de Barcelona

After exploring El Forum, I headed to Barceloneta to grab some lunch. I found a cosy restaurant offering tapas, so I ordered a few of them, as well as a glass of wine, and I was happy. Afterwards, I went to the Port Vell district, and entered the Maritime Museum. When I first visited Barcelona in 2013, it was under renovation, so I was happy that it opened again in time for my second visit.

The Maritime Museum is located in the Royal Shipyards, which is itself an ancient building. It was built back in the 13th century, though there were significant extensions and renovations that happened afterwards. They even discovered Roman graveyards in the area.

The most interesting exhibit of the museum is a replica of a real, or a Spanish galley. The real was used during the Battle of Lepanto in 1571, between the Holy League (of which Spain was a member of) and the Ottoman army. I learned a lot about the ship, as well as its historical context. The museum doesn't allow you to board the ship, but it has planks and other ways of exploring the ship without actually being on it.

The rest of the exhibits were also very educational. It has plenty of interactive displays, and the audioguide is a treasure. It is a very sophisticated one, since it automatically deploys auditory material depending on where you are located in the museum. I learned a lot, from shipping, to the history of sea travel, to how sea transportation has changed over the years.

This is definitely a cool place to explore, so I recommend it to anyone visiting Barcelona.

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