10 January 2018

The Truth about The Truth: Leaks on Jehovah's Witnesses & Child Abuse

Guess what? The Watchtower Society (the parent organisation of the Jehovah's Witness cult) is leaking. They have been faced with several lawsuits and subpoenas requiring them to surrender secret documents about how they have handled child abuse in the organisation. They don't want to surrender these documents, in fact, they are paying a fine of $4000.00 per day just to keep those documents secret. Well guess what? There is a leak.

It is not clear whether the 33 documents (69 pages in total) available through the link above are part of what the Watchtower is withholding from the authorities, or whether this is a separate bunch. But what is evident is how the Watchtower systematically hides child abuse within its folds. For more detail, check out the report by Gizmodo summarising what these documents reveal.

It is amazing how plenty of rank and file Witnesses do not even know where their donation monies go to. It doesn't go to building Kingdom Halls (they keep on consolidating congregations and selling Kingdom Halls actually), nor does it go to building Branch Offices (they are selling those as well, the latest being the Greece Branch). It doesn't go to printing new publications (they have been going paperless for a while now, with plenty of instructional materials available via their app). Rather, it goes to settling child abuse lawsuits all over the world.

It is such a sad state of affairs that there are plenty of people (including relatives of mine) who have been sold the product of "everlasting life in paradise" and as buyers of this pipe dream, they have wasted their whole lives shackled as brainwashed slaves of this organisation. This cult wrecks families and destroys relationships. It is about time some of their skeletons get exposed.

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