11 February 2018

When People Forget that There is More to the World than the USA

Every now and then, I find instances in online communities where people seem to assume that they are interacting with Americans and Americans only. This is even though these online communities have an international nature. Say for example, you are in a travel community, and you ask people for advice about visa requirements, by asking Do I need a visa for France? Well, in order for me to answer that successfully, I would need to know your citizenship. Unfortunately, you don't provide that. You must be American.

There was another example I came across lately. There was this woman asking for recommendations for hotels in Guatemala. She said My fiance flew from here to El Salvador and is crossing to Guatemala over land. Where is here?

In any case, I find it interesting and borderline annoying that such behaviour is quite common in English-speaking international forums. That said, I can also see it being a natural side-effect of history. The USA has been a world power for quite a while, and so for many reasons it can feel like the centre of the world. Hence for the people who grew up within, it would be easy to go on with their lives not knowing that there is a whole world out there outside of their borders that exist.

So yeah, I suppose this is predictable. From these little annoying behaviours online, to people claiming that America is the best! even though they haven't explored the world outside their borders, these behaviours are perhaps expected given the state of affairs.

I guess I find this situation pitiful, I pity these people thinking this way, as they don't know what they're missing out of.

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  1. I myself am from the USA and I've always wanted to travel the world, but I've often found myself doing this.