09 March 2018

Spain 3.0: Bermeo

Bermeo is a fishing port in the Basque Country. It is the most important fishing port in the area, and was also the last destination in my trip. The day before I left, I took a bus from Bilbao to Bermeo, with the intention of getting out of the city and checking out how it is like in the small towns around the area.

The bus stops at the main square, which is right by the marina. Things are slow here, and life revolves around the cafes and coffee, and of course around the fishing industry. I took a walk at the marina to check out the boats.

The town has a look that is similar to other Spanish cities I have seen already: tall buildings lined up on narrow alleys, with balconies and windows facing each other quite close. I strolled around the area, but life is rather quiet here. There is a market however, that was on going while I was there, I hung around for a bit, but after an hour or so, I headed back to the bus stop to head back to Bilbao.

This ends my trip to Spain, my third visit to the country so far. Stay tuned, there's a new series coming up.

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