06 May 2018

Crazy about the Weather

Last month, during Easter weekend, the weather here in Berlin was crazy. It was even snowing! And so plenty of people were depressed. Then the week after, things were amazingly bright and sunny, and everyone was happy. Funny how the weather affects people's moods, eh?

We were actually in Paris during Easter weekend, so we escaped the final winter streak, but I knew plenty of people who remained in Berlin and complained a lot about it. In any case, I was also happy the week after, when the sun finally came out, and the temperatures finally climbed all the way to the 20s. I woke up early on Saturday and went out to exercise in the morning - that was a good feeling, as the sun slowly came out, warming the streets, and the city was slowly waking up.

So summer is slowly approaching, along with warmth, and strikes. I couldn't care less about the latter, but such is life. In any case, I like the fact that I can put away my winter clothes for a few more months. And after a few months, we'll do this again. But for now, I'll enjoy the outdoors.


  1. We had crazy weather this "spring", even for Canada. The ice storm, just a few weeks ago, and some crazy wind storms lately. I just wish I could stop having to pay attention to weather forecast and be guaranteed "normal" weather!

    1. Zhu,

      Yes, I am also hoping for normal weather this year -last year our "summer" was too wet that it didn't feel summer at all. And it also resulted in a flooded basement!