25 June 2018

México 2.0: Museo del Ferrocarril in Puebla

After two nights in Pachuca, I was on the move again. I went to the bus station and took a bus that took me to Puebla. I've actually been to Puebla before, but back in 2011 I only spent an afternoon in the town. I visited Puebla back then as a day trip combined with the city of Cholula. I figured I needed more than an afternoon to explore this city, so I based myself in a hotel for two days while I explored it. And I must say that was a good choice: I actually had plans to do a day trip to Tlaxcala but I enjoyed Puebla so much that I decided to abandon that plan. I just ate good food (Puebla is where mole originates), and checked out interesting museums. Museums such as the Mexican National Railway Museum, set in Puebla's old train station.

I actually find it depressing that North America made a shift from trains to cars. Trains used to be a significant method of public transportation in North America, just like in Europe. But then big car manufacturers started lobbying for their products, to the detriment of the train companies. Now, old train carriages are just displayed as museum pieces, as a reminder of a long lost age.

In any case, I spent a couple of hours like a little kid in a candy store, exploring the interiors of old carriages that used to ply Mexico's railroads. Check out some of my pictures, below.

The museum is located north west of the centre, in the former train station of Puebla. Check it out if you're in town.


  1. It looks so similar to the same museum in Santiago! The trains and the setting are exactly the same. Funny!

    1. Zhu,

      Ah, it's probably from the same lost era! I sometimes wonder what transportation museums of the future would contain, exhibiting machines that are just ordinary to us but rare for future generations.