26 August 2018

Going Back to the Cinema

Movies aren't really my first choice of entertainment nor art form, as I gravitate more towards books, classical music, theatre, museums, and travel. Nevertheless, during the summer, when theatre houses and opera houses are typically closed for their annual season break, it is a good time to visit the cinema, as there's not a lot of other interesting choices. And recently, I actually went to the cinema twice in a week, as there were a couple of films that I thought would be interesting to watch.

The first film I saw was Looking for Oum Kulthum, a 2017 film by Shirin Neshat. It was a very thoughtful film, about an Iranian filmmaker trying to make a film about Egyptian singer Oum Kulthum. The movie is in English, Persian, and Arabic. It was quite thought-provoking, as it touches on several current issues surrounding feminism, Iranian politics, colonialism, and many other things.

And then the other day I saw Call Me By Your Name by Luca Guadagnino, based on the book Andre Aciman. I haven't read the book, but watching the movie makes me want to read it, so it is on my list. This one was very poignant, sad, and emotional. It's one of those films that makes you want to see it again and again.

I suppose I am keeping distance from Hollywood movies lately. I tend to like it when movies stay with me, and makes me think for days afterwards. When you can forget what a movie is about immediately after getting out of the cinema, then I feel like it's a sign that the movie isn't good enough.

So yeah, I'll try and check whether there are good movies coming up. Funny, the last time I used this tag was two years ago.

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