25 October 2018

The 66 Lakes Trail: Leg 6 - Melchow to Leuenberg (29 km)

Continuing on to my trekking project this year, I set out to go from Melchow to Leuenberg, northeast from Berlin. This would be as close as I would get to the Polish border on this hike, which would be just 20 kilometres away at its closest point. I took the train from Berlin, and upon getting off at Melchow, I ventured out.

The beginning of this walk started with not-so-memorable stretches of land linking together several little villages: Melchow, Schönholz, Trampe, and Neugersdorf. In the great circular route around Berlin which this long-distance hiking path is carving, Neugersdorf actually is the most northeastern corner of the path. Then it turns right and heads south, through the Gamengrund, which is an amazing place I must say.

The Gamengrund is actually a tunnel valley, created by glacial ice millions of years ago. It's not quite dramatic as those in the Finger Lakes in central New York State, but nevertheless, there's differences in elevation, and long, slender, and narrow lakes that are queued up one after another. Sometimes the path here gets steep, as one needs to climb up and then climb down again in order to go forward.

The terrain was also quite variable: there were wide open spaces next to apple orchards, and then I make a quick turn and suddenly I am in the middle of the forest with fallen trees that I have to navigate and climb over. It's quite a long stretch, but at the end of the leg it nevertheless is a great feeling to finish it.

So now I have reached Leuenberg, after 29 kilometres. 142 kilometres out of 416 kilometres done!


  1. I had to check the map, I hadn't realized the Polish border was that close.

    1. Zhu,

      Yes, Berlin is actually quite embedded deep into the east!