04 November 2018

A Weekend in Saxony

Back in July, I spent a weekend in nearby Saxony. I've been to Saxony twice before, doing a day trip to Leipzig back in 2015, as well as spending an Easter Weekend in Dresden the year after. But nevertheless there's plenty to see in the area, so I decided to spend the weekend in Dresden and explore the surrounding areas. I booked myself a train ticket, as well as a hotel in Dresden. After work on Friday afternoon, I headed to the train station and headed down south.

After two hours, I arrived in Dresden, and I easily found my hotel. I didn't have anything planned for Friday as I knew I was arriving late, but for Saturday, I planned to go to Bad Schandau, which was further east, toward the Czech border. I wanted to go hiking in the Saxon Switzerland National Park. That was what I was busy with during the morning, and after having lunch in Bad Schandau, I went back west, but I also stopped by in Pirna to visit the GDR Museum.

On Sunday, I headed the opposite direction, visiting Moritzburg as well as Meissen. Moritzburg is a town north of Dresden, where a mid-sized chateau is located. After exploring that chateau, I took a direct bus linking Moritzburg with Meissen, which is a city that has an interesting Old Town. This was what kept me busy during Sunday.

This trip was short, consisting of just three nights. But it was quite action-packed. I hiked several kilometres, and was quite exhausted. By Monday morning, I headed back to Berlin, and went direct to the office, ready for the upcoming week.

Stay tuned for pictures.


  1. Straight to the office, seriously? Wow. I need a transition, even for a short trip!

    1. Zhu,

      Yes, I must admit, it felt like I didn't have a break, and that my weekend disappeared. But nevertheless it was worth it!