26 December 2018

Another Saxon Weekend: August Horch Museum Zwickau

The last item on my itinerary was Zwickau. After exploring Chemnitz, I took the train to Zwickau, which I reached within an hour. Then, I rode a bus that took me to the town centre, and before anything, I found some lunch. Somehow, there seemed to be plenty of Vietnamese and other Southeast Asian immigrants in the city, so I opted to go to one of the many Vietnamese restaurants. I actually had a very spectacular soup for lunch, which was spicy and made me sweat madly. But after lunch I had another destination: the August Horch Museum, located north of the city.

The August Horch Museum is an automobile museum, covering the history of automobile construction in the city. August Horch is after all the founder of the German car manufacturer that we now know as Audi. Horch when translated to Latin becomes Audi, which means "listen".

There's plenty of cars on display here, mostly made from before World War II. So it definitely gives this air of an ancient and forgotten time.

There was a section of the museum that displayed the engines the company used to make.

There's so many cars! From limousines, to wartime vehicles, to luxury cars from the Roaring Twenties, there's plenty of things to see here. I wasn't really interested in the technical specifications of these vehicles, but I suppose if that is your interest then you'll see quite a lot of things here for you too.

After World War II, this automobile factory started producing East German cars, most notably the Trabant. So there was a whole section of the exhibit dedicated to this brand. Of course, after the collapse of the Berlin Wall, the Trabant also fell from view.

Anyway, I had fun. Automobile fans would probably spend quite a few hours here. For me, I enjoyed the small trip back in time, seeing an era that I wasn't familiar with.

After my visit, I slowly found my way back to Zwickau station, catching a train back to Leipzig. It was time to go home, so I found dinner, and after spending the night, I woke up early and caught a train back to Berlin. Stay tuned for my next adventure.

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