14 December 2018

Another Saxon Weekend: Museum der bildenden Künste

After checking out the animals in the Leipzig Zoo, I had some lunch, and then I decided to check out an art museum. I went to the Museum der bildenden Künste, or Museum of Fine Arts, located in the Old Town. It's actually a large building, rather modern-looking and slightly out of place, given the looks of the other buildings surrounding it.

The museum actually covers works from the Late Middle Ages to Modern Ages, but somehow most of the exhibits I saw were more modern. Then again, I do fancy modern art, so perhaps I just subconsciously ignored the older works?

The paintings I have seen are quite contemporary and modern, and definitely not the type of art that is easy on the eye, so to speak. Nevertheless, I enjoyed my time here and gazed at them quite enthusiastically.

The sculptures I have seen were also rather radical and needed some explaining in order to fully appreciate. It's definitely not very obvious that it was art, and so it doesn't immediately strike one as beautiful or something worth being amazed at. Nevertheless, it absolutely stretches the mind and its concept of art. After all, what else is a giant dinosaur spitting out red liquid but art?

In any case, if you want an hour or two of gazing at weird pictures and sculptures, then this is a place to do it.


  1. I stared at the first picture for a minute... glad it wasn't taken at the zoo :-)

    1. Zhu,

      Ha, yes! Otherwise that would be severely inappropriate!