06 December 2018

Another Saxon Weekend

So it seems that this year I travelled quite a bit within Germany. I actually did two long weekends in Saxony. One was in July, when I based myself in Dresden. The other was in August, when I based myself in Leipzig. As usual, I took a train after work on a Friday, and a few hours later, I found myself in my flat for the weekend.

Saturday was the day I reserved just to explore Leipzig. I only visited Leipzig once as a day trip before, so there's still plenty of things in the city to explore. I did walk through the Old Town, but for the most part, I visited the famed Leipzig Zoo in the morning, spending quite a few hours and walking quite a lot of kilometres within the massive and expansive zoo, checking out all the animals that reside there. I must say I was genuinely impressed by this zoo, and something I absolutely would recommend. In the afternoon, I checked out a nice modern art museum in the centre of town, and gawked at interesting pieces of art, some of which I must admit I didn't understand.

Sunday on the other hand was my day trip day. I bought a Sachsen Ticket, which allowed me to travel all over Saxony. I used it to first go to Chemnitz, which I explored (way before the far-right incidents that brought the city to the news lately) for a bit. I found a very interesting archaeological museum in the city, which was quite informative. And after that, I headed to Zwickau, as I wanted to check out the August Horch Museum, which had a massive exhibit of cars and their development. August Horch after all was the founder of the automobile company that is now known as Audi.

As it's just a long weekend, the trip was short, but nevertheless action-packed. I walked a lot, saw a lot, and had a lot of fun. By Monday morning, I headed back to Berlin, and went direct to the office, ready for the upcoming week.

Stay tuned for pictures.


  1. It's quite alright, I get to discover Germany thanks to you :-)

    1. Zhu,

      For me, that's always the point of reading other people's (travel) blogs. I like to live vicariously and at least get travel ideas too!