02 December 2018

Last-Minute Escape to Frankfurt: Museum für Moderne Kunst

I also visited a modern art museum while I was in Frankfurt. I found myself at the Museum für Moderne Kunst, which is a stunning modern art museum in the centre of town. It was founded in 1981 and has a very angular building.

There's quite a few interesting exhibits. The first exhibit that greets the visitor for example is composed of televisions portraying various wars and other atrocities. These televisions are all scattered in the room, and the visitor can walk in their midst.

And then there's these two robot vacuum cleaners that are just dancing on a square platform, to the tune of some catchy tango.

There's plenty to see here, and if you're into modern art, then you would absolutely enjoy it. I even watched a 40-minute bizarre art film which portrayed some scenes in China involving weird people. It was some sort of brain flush, I must say.

In any case, I spent a couple of hours here, and afterwards I met up with my sister in the middle of town. I don't have any more photos taken from the rest of this weekend, so stay tuned for a new set of travelogues, this time coming from a different venue.

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