27 January 2019

Jaunt to Jutland: Lindholm Høje

On Tuesday, it was time to move on and leave Aalborg. We were driving southwards heading to Aarhus, but before leaving the city, we stopped by Lindholm Høje, a major Viking burial site and former settlement just north of Aalborg.

The burial sites are actually easily accessible as they are outside, but there's an attached museum to it that was worth visiting. So we opted to check it out as well and learn more about Viking lifestyles and culture.

There's plenty of artefacts to see here, from ancient jewellery, to household items, to weapons. I even learned how to make flint stones the hard way. Almost every aspect of Viking life is covered here, and if you take the time to read and observe, then you'll definitely learn a lot.

I especially liked the exhibits about burials, and there's plenty of human remains that are on display here. Archaeologists definitely have a lot of things to do on this area.

But perhaps the most impressive area is the outdoor burial site. It's interesting that people surrounded their human remains with stones. There's plenty of circular areas that have a row of stones forming around them, indicating where people were buried back then. Unlike modern graveyards where the tombstones are neatly arranged one after another, this Viking burial site looks more like a meadow with randomly arranged circles left and right.

In any case, check this place out, especially if you want to learn more about the Vikings.

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