29 April 2019

A Voyage to Vietnam: Bích Động Pagoda

After finishing the boat ride in Tam Cốc, we called our driver, who then took us to Bích Động Pagoda. This pagoda complex is actually consisting of several small temple structures, one on top of another. Its location is quite superb, situated on the mountainside.

These temples were built in the 15th century. One climbs up the mountain path and visits the temples one by one. Some have been built deep within caves, which also makes the location interesting.

The interior of the temples are similar to the other temples we have seen so far. There are statues of Asian gods and deities, and there are offerings that are presented in front of them. By now I have an idea what I would find in religious buildings in Vietnam: statues, offerings, and incense.

After spending some time climbing all the way to the top, we made our descent and moved on.


  1. Statues, offering and incense... yep, that's the trilogy in Chinese temples as well. Some of the offerings look strange to my Western eye, though, like bottles of Coke!

    1. Zhu,

      Oh I agree, some of the offerings were just weird and I almost laughed at them. Bottles of Coke, biscuits and crackers, regular household items, you see them all.