17 May 2019

Food Poisoning in Fancy Places

So it seems that I have repeated my experience back in Paris in 2015. I had a case of food poisoning which added a weird and painful aspect to my trip back then. And it seems that a similar thing (if not the same) happened to me during the conclusion of a business trip I made recently, when I was returning from Luxembourg.

See, I was in Luxembourg for three nights. On my last day, I began my day as usual, by eating breakfast in the hotel. After doing so, I checked out, and then I slowly headed to the airport in order to catch my mid-morning flight back home. I was flying from Luxembourg to Berlin via Zurich.

Things were still okay while I was in Luxembourg Airport. But during the first flight, it seems that something was off. I felt bloated and weird. And when I finally landed in Zurich, the first thing I did was visit the restroom.

After that, I thought that was it, so I found a cafe and got myself some coffee and a muffin. I didn't realise that would be my last meal for the day.

In the second flight, I felt sick. I felt warm and cold at the same time. I was sitting on an exit row, and I was sweating. After take off, I went to the back of the plane because I needed to use the restroom. And then I just stayed there. A flight attendant noticed that I wasn't feeling well, so I told her that I might have had food poisoning. She gave me some pills against nausea, as well as against vomiting. I stayed in the back of the plane until we landed in Berlin. I took a cab to get home quickly, and upon entering the house, I headed straight to the toilet.

I ended up going to the toilet 12 times that day. Oh, I even got a visit from the emergency services doctor in the middle of the night.

The next day, things became better, though my doctor still told me to stay at home for 2 days.

Looking back, I don't know what it was. It was either food poisoning, or some stomach flu, or as they say, gastroenteritis. But it definitely wasn't fun in the context of travel. I just don't understand why these things happen to me when I am in places like Paris or Luxembourg, and not when I am in Yangon or Cuernavaca.


  1. I think some people are more prone to food poisoning than others - or at least, react more strongly to the common symptoms. Feng gets sick from food easily, I don't. That said, I got a mild bout of food poisoning in Buenos Aires in January, I blame it on a yogourt because we had a heat wave and fridges are notoriously warm-ish in BA... still, not a fun experience, although I wasn't too sick, just mild symptoms.

    1. Zhu,

      This time I can't really tell which one was the culprit. I have hypotheses, but all of the things I ate looked okay, so I really don't know which one I reacted to, unfortunately. :-/