22 June 2019

Watching Airplanes

Every now and then, I find myself feeling under the weather, wanting only to cover myself with blankets and do nothing. Sometimes I feel like this on weekends, when I don't have an external force that would tell me to get out of bed. Usually, when this occurs, I go to the airport and visit the visitor's terrace. Somehow, watching airplanes take off and land gets me exciting.

The other day, I went to Tegel Airport. I spent about two hours watching airplanes. I have to admit, it's slightly exciting seeing these flying vehicles come and go. I have an app on my phone that tells me which flights are departing and which ones are arriving. And yes, I get impressed when the large Airbus A330 of Hainan Airlines from Beijing goes taxiing right in front of the visitor's terrace on its way to the parking stand. An A330 definitely attracts attention when most of the other airplanes are narrow-bodies, such as A320s and B737s.

I suppose watching these airplanes come and go make me think of my next trips. I could easily ride one of these, and connect to another flight, and go somewhere new. I definitely use the fact that I have vacations lined up as some motivation. It gives me something to look forward to, and sometimes that's just what you need to get you moving for the day.

So yeah. I have a couple of trips lined up, with tickets booked and everything, and I already am thinking of where I am going next after that.


  1. I guess it's the experience traveller's version of "trainspotting"!

    Do you know why some days you just feel lethargic or down?

    1. Zhu,

      I can imagine it's just chemical alterations, with endorphins coming and going. Of course, I presume there's external triggers, but I just can't find a pattern for it to be honest.